International exchange programme

Erasmus+ offers students the chance to study, train and undertake work experience abroad. Exchange students are admitted through the exchange programmes and inter-institutional agreements between KPZ and an international partner institution. Exchange students are selected by their home university. KPZ has over 30 European partner institutions in 17 European countries. If you are student at one of our partner universities you are very welcome to participate in our international exchange programme.

When you have submitted your application form for our international exchange programme an interview on admission will be held by means of Skype. For our exchange programme you require experience in teaching, obtained by internships in preferably primary education. We also demand that your level of English language is B2. Our exchange programme runs each year during spring semester from the end of January till the 1st of July.  Read the following description of the predetermined courses we offer.

Articles applicable to foreign students participating in the International class as exchange student under Erasmus+ 2017-2018
Decision Board of Management of July 1st 2017. Drs. J.W. Heijmans

Teacher Training Primary Education (30 ECTS)


Dutch Culture and Society
This module focuses on history, present day and the role of education in it. Moreover you are confronted with the question in which way history, culture (including art) and society shape our cultural identity, our way of being.

You learn to use a lesson preparation that meets the criteria and how to use various didactical teaching methods which contribute to a proper pedagogical climate. A deepening of this theme – though lectures and school visits – will take place in the ‘English Week’, together with students from Stoke-upon-Trent.

Dutch language
Several aspects of learning and teaching Dutch language are part of this course. Non-native speakers will improve their understanding as well as their pronunciation of Dutch. You gain insight in functions and components in languages, theories on language development and differences and similarities in languages. You will design teaching material based on aspects in linguistics.

International Primary Curriculum
IPC is: Great Learning, Great Teaching, Great Fun. The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-12 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning. The IPC has been designed to ensure rigorous learning but also to help teachers make all learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. Learning with the IPC takes a global approach; helping children to connect their learning to where they are living now as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of other people in other countries. The IPC is used by schools in more than 90 countries around the world. Source:
In this course students will study IPC together. The students prepare and execute a theme in the primary school.

English language
The objective of this course revolves around writing and presenting an academic paper in English in which your own written work will play a pivotal role. This very short course of 5 lessons focuses both on development of academic writing skills and strengthening presentation skills. By the end of this introductory course you should be more confident about the way you write and express your opinions and you should be more suitably expressive with your voice and your body while presenting an argument.

Music and drama
You learn songs and games for children from several countries and teach your fellow students a song from your home country. You learn about the didactical approach of teaching a song and you make a video production out of a picture book for children using methods of drama.

Teaching Practice
You gather a broad picture of Dutch education and reflect knowledge by doing goal-oriented observations. You prepare and carry out lessons in your teaching practice class.

Teacher in Europe student conference (TIE)
You learn in an international environment how to design a project under Erasmus and to complete a final proposal.

Project Week Amsterdam – The Hague – Excursions and museums
Cultural trip (3 days) with your fellow students to the Randstad, the Western part of the Netherlands. This includes 2 overnight stays in a Stay-Okay hostel in The Hague. You reflect on two experiences during this week in a paper.  For participation in excursions and the Project Week you have to pay a contribution of 100 euros.

Coaching hours
You reflect on yourself, your role and the roles of others in a team of colleagues. You prepare yourself for the teaching practice and make a design of an imaginary ideal school using the knowledge and experiences acquired during the courses and practical training and research.

How to apply?

The exchange programme Spring semester 2020 (study year 2019-2020) will run in the period from 27th of January until the 27th of June 2020.
Please apply by submitting the application form. Deadline for application is: 1st of November 2019.

Application form Spring semester 2020